Love the Tone and Texture of Your Skin

Natural aging can leave skin tone slack and skin texture damaged. SculptSlim Studio is on a mission to help you love the tone and texture of your skin at every age! Nonsurgical procedures Ulthera and Palomar use advanced technology to realize amazing results. You can reverse the signs of aging in as little as one treatment and resume your daily activities following your treatment.

Ultrasound Technology of Ulthera Generates Sensational Results

Ulthera is the only FDA-approved, noninvasive treatment designed to lift and tighten the skin. Clients enjoy concierge service from SculptSlim Studio of Northeast Florida and Jacksonville area while our specialists help your body produce collagen naturally for improved skin tone and texture. Even patients who have previously undergone a surgical facelift find that Ulthera can tighten additional skin.

How does Ulthera work?

Ulthera uses groundbreaking ultrasound technology in treatments of 60 to 90 minutes to target the foundational layers of skin from below the skin’s surface. Ulthera differs from other treatments because it targets the foundational layers of the skin from below the skin’s surface. Tissues are heated to the optimal temperature to spur the creation of collagen by micro-focused ultrasound waves. As a noninvasive procedure, Ulthera requires no surgery and no downtime, and its revolutionary ultrasound technology  leaves no scarring.

Start loving your skin tone and texture again!

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